Predictive Performance Management For Maritime Fleets

Fleet Essentials is a comprehensive maritime fleet performance management platform for owners and operators.

Using vessel-specific digital twin models, Fleet Essentials tells you which ships need immediate attention, helping you focus on improving efficiency and reducing emissions.

Maritime Fleet Performance Management For Emissions Reduction

Improve Your CII Scores

Emissions regulations, such as CII and EU ETS, mean owners and operators have to know exactly how their vessels are performing if they want to reduce the risks associated with non-compliance.

Fleet Essentials provides performance and technical teams with the data and insights they need to monitor the CII grade of every ship in their fleet. The platform’s predictive alerts mean owners can take proactive steps to improve vessel performance to limit emissions. And with our predictive CII Simulator, you can take this one step further by pinpointing the changes you need to make to the vessel’s operating profile to reduce your CII grade for the year.

Generate Better Commercial Results

Increasing fuel costs, regulatory pressures and broader market conditions means vessel performance is paramount.

Fleet Essentials alerts owners when a vessel is overconsuming or underperforming, allowing them to find the optimal maintenance window for saving fuel and minimizing claims risks.

The data in Fleet Essentials also helps owners demonstrate the true performance of their vessels and charge the best chartering rate.

Identify Vessel Performance Improvements

Monitoring vessel performance is a time consuming task, especially as fleet sizes and data sources increase. For performance managers, the challenge is quickly identifying the most pressing vessel performance issues.

Fleet Essentials provides you with a regular fleet-wide insights report, summarizing fleet performance and highlighting vessels that need cleaning or maintenance. And our team of maritime performance analysts is on hand to help you make the best decisions and transform the performance monitoring of your fleet.  

Fleet Essentials Features

Digital Twin Models For Maritime Vessels

For each vessel in Fleet Essentials, a Digital Twin model is created based on historical performance data from sensors and noon reports.

These advanced machine learning models then provide baseline, historical and predictive insights into the vessel’s performance. This allows predictive alerts to be sent, warning when various aspects of vessel performance are below the predictive benchmarks.

Analysis Reports and Performance Alerts

Fleet Essentials delivers a regular Fleet Insights report to your inbox, summarizing your fleet’s performance and emissions KPIs. The platform also delivers automated alerts for suboptimal boiler and generator configurations, and hull fouling when performance meets pre-defined thresholds.

And all Fleet Essentials customers have access to a dedicated team of experienced maritime analysts who can help you make sense of the data and make the best decision. Our analysts are also able to build custom reports that seamlessly fit into your operational processes.

Together, Fleet Essentials’ reports, alerts and performance team ensure you’re able to pinpoint your most pressing performance issues to help reduce costs and cut emissions.

Fleet Essentials Dashboards

Fleet Essentials provides a number of detailed dashboards on all aspects of vessel performance. Owners and operators are able to select an individual vessel from your fleet and see accurate data for a huge range of factors within each dashboard.

Each dashboard is focussed on a particular area of vessel performance, from emissions management to speed and consumption, main engine performance, and fuel efficiency.

CII End of Year Forecasting

CII Simulator by Nautilus Labs
Our CII Simulator shows you the projected CII grade for a vessel if operating conditions stay the same, as well as the impact changes to the vessel’s operating profile will have on the CII grade at the end of the year. In addition, if there’s a CII grade you’re trying to achieve, the Nautilus CII Simulator will tell you how to change the vessel’s operating profile to get there.

The Nautilus CII Simulator relies on the digital twin model of the vessel to predict how it will perform in a specific scenario. These predictions can then inform what the vessel’s CII grade would be in those individual scenarios as well as inform how vessel performance will impact year-end AER averages and targets.


What is Fleet Essentials?

Fleet Essentials is a performance management solution for managing the performance of a fleet of maritime vessels. With Fleet Essentials you can monitor a wide range of performance metrics for a ship, based on real-time sensor data and performance benchmarks.

How does Fleet Essentials work?

Using data from a vessel’s sensors and noon reports, a digital twin model is created that accurately mirrors the real-world vessel. This model is then used to benchmark the performance of that ship.

When the real-world vessel’s performance dips below pre-defined thresholds, alerts are sent to relevant stakeholders to allow them to take preventative actions, such as scheduling maintenance or hull cleaning.

What do the Fleet Essentials dashboards show?

The dashboards in Fleet Essentials look at a number of different areas of vessel performance, including:

  • Main engine performance
  • Emissions and CII grade
  • Condition of the hull and propeller
  • Overconsumption against benchmarks
  • Dynamic speed and consumption tables
  • Auxiliary engine performance

Experience Fleet Essentials

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