Maritime Voyage Optimization Software for Emissions Reduction

Voyage Optimizer is the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive maritime voyage optimization solution for commercial shipping.

It combines AI-powered speed optimization, weather routing and performance routing to help charterers create profitable, low emission routes.

Create Optimal Maritime Voyage Plans

Safe, Profitable, Low Emission Routes

With Voyage Optimizer you’re able to specify an outcome for a voyage – such as an ETA or reduced emissions – and receive an optimal ECDIS-ready route. Voyage Optimizer helps you manage competing voyage priorities and create routes that are more profitable, result in fewer claims and help reduce vessel emissions.

Voyage Optimizer does this through advanced machine learning models that optimize a voyage for weather, speed and route performance. And because our models are trained on data from the vessel itself, you can be sure of the highest levels of accuracy for the route.

A Complete Maritime Voyage Optimization Solution

Keeping track of the routes for a large number of vessels across various systems is a massive challenge for maritime operations teams. Voyage Optimizer streamlines the process of planning routes by offering AI-powered speed and performance optimization with weather routing in a single, cost-effective solution.

And all routes created by Voyage Optimizer are delivered through our experienced maritime managed services team. This covers the entire voyage, from the start of the planning process to post-voyage analysis, acting as a valuable extension of your team.

Detailed Voyage Insights

Voyage Optimizer gives you real-time insight into the progress and performance of your vessel throughout the entire voyage.

It enables you to know exactly when a vessel will reach a specific port so you spend less time liaising with the providers of ancillary services. It also helps you improve communications with the vessel master by sharing accurate data on the vessel’s progress and performance.

And this level of data helps you understand how well the vessel is adhering to the charter party agreement, allowing you to work with the master to take the necessary corrective actions and reduce your claims risk.

Voyage Optimizer Features

Pre-Voyage Planning

For every voyage, our managed services team will work with you to confirm where your vessel needs to go and what the best route outcome would look like. You can decide on a range of variables you need the route to be optimized for, both in terms of vessel speed (ETA, maximize Time Charter Equivalent or optimize for cost) and route optimization (distance, fuel cost or emissions). And all of our planned routes will take into account any areas where slow sailing is required, such as Emission Controlled Areas (ECA), High Risk Areas (HRA) and Marine Protected Areas (MPA).

Using our speed, weather and performance models, our managed services team delivers an ECDIS-ready route based on your overall objectives, as well as a number of alternative routes and options. Once the route is confirmed this will then get delivered by our experienced team directly to the vessel’s master.

During The Voyage

Nautilus Labs Voyage Optimizer
Once a route has been planned and adopted, we monitor the vessel’s progress and the intended route for deviations, as well as changing weather conditions. Our managed services team will work with your operations team and the vessel’s master to ensure any changes needed to the route or speed of the vessel are raised and actioned to ensure the most optimal voyage in line with your objectives.

Post-Voyage Reporting

Following the safe arrival of the vessel at its final destination, our managed services team will deliver a post-voyage report. This report details the performance of the vessel during the route, and how closely it was able to follow the recommended route. It also looks at the overall savings that resulted from following the Voyage Optimizer route against other route options.


What is Voyage Optimizer?

Voyage Optimizer is a maritime voyage optimization solution from Nautilus Labs. It is designed to provide shipping operators and charterers with decision support for finding an optimal route for getting to a specific destination. It combines weather routing, speed optimization and ship-specific performance models with an experienced managed services team to deliver ECDIS-ready shipping routes.

How Does Voyage Optimizer Work?

Voyage Optimizer uses ship-specific performance models, speed optimization, and weather routing to plot a shipping route that is optimized for a range of outcomes, including ETA time, fuel consumption and voyage distance. The speed and consumption models are based on data from the vessel itself, creating a highly accurate ‘digital twin’ of that vessel. This means these models can deliver highly accurate predictive voyage plans. Combined with the weather routing it means the optimized routes provided by Voyager Optimizer are accurate and ECDIS-ready.

How Can Voyage Optimizer Help Reduce Emissions?

The Voyage Optimizer voyage optimization solution creates shipping routes that are designed to achieve a range of outcomes. For example, engine shaft speed for the route can be optimized to achieve a specific ETA or optimized for Time Charter Equivalent or costs. For emissions, the route can be optimized specifically for the lowest emissions production, or to reduce fuel costs or distance sailed.

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