Making Fleets Greener and More Efficient

At Nautilus Labs we work with the world’s largest vessel owners to help them improve performance and cut emissions across their fleet.

Combined with our innovative approach to charter parties, we’re helping maritime owners harness the power of their vessel data.

Improve Fleet Performance

Fleet Essentials is our performance management platform for maritime fleets. It helps owners and operators easily see which vessels need attention and the recommended course of action through reports, alerts and our experienced managed services team.  

Using our digital twin vessel models, Fleet Essentials provides baseline, historical and predictive insights into a vessel’s performance. Through Fleet Essentials, owners and operators are able to reduce fuel consumption, increase vessel efficiency and lower emissions. 

Collaborate with Charterers

We’ve developed Green Charter to make it easier for owners and charterers to work together. Our dynamic clauses use vessel specific machine learning models to provide a single source of truth about vessel performance. 

Using this, owners and charterers can add dynamic clauses to charter party frameworks to make it easier to lower emissions, reduce claims and improve commercial outcomes.  


Reduce Fleet Emissions

Through our suite of solutions we’re working with owners and charterers to help them profitably decarbonize their operations.

This approach is based on our AI-powered digital twin technology that uses machine learning to create an accurate simulation of a specific vessel. These models help owners and charters to monitor the performance of their vessels and work together to improve efficiency and lower their emissions.  

Helping Vessel Owners Improve Performance and Decrease Emissions

Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you improve the performance of your entire fleet and help you build better relationships with your charterers.