Decarbonizing the Ocean Supply Chain

The world’s oceans are where life began, where life is sustained, and where most life will continue to live – as long as we work to continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the world.

Nautilus Labs is the leading technology partner for the profitable decarbonization of the ocean supply chain. Our tools and services help owners, operators and charterers improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and develop better commercial relationships.

As part of Danelec, we are committed to enhancing sustainability and safety in maritime operations. Our unique approach empowers ship owners and operators with unparalleled flexibility. We pride ourselves on our versatility, stemming from a core philosophy to provide adaptable and comprehensive solutions. Our technology is engineered for seamless interfacing with any sensor or platform, ensuring that we cater to diverse customer needs and preferences for a seamless technological ecosystem both onboard and onshore.

We are Innovators

As an independent third party, we are the source of truth and predictive insights between owners and charterers, transforming legacy frameworks and driving behavior change to unlock profitable emissions reduction and fleet efficiency.

We drive stakeholder collaboration, greater transparency, and stronger accountability for their companies, shareholders, and the planet we all share.

We are Wayfinders

We help our partners optimize their course to the future they want to achieve—economically efficient, environmentally conscious, and competitively advantaged.

And we make the journey with them, adapting and evolving to the ever-changing conditions we face along the way. We are not just another login—we are a trusted, unbiased, and independent partner, providing a solution that integrates with existing workflows.