Solutions For Reducing Maritime Emissions

Our suite of products is designed to help the entire commercial maritime industry reduce GHG emissions, improve vessel and route efficiency and strengthen commercial relationships.

We work with owners, operators and charterers to help them achieve their commercial and ESG goals. Take a look below to see how we can help you.

The Nautilus Labs Product Family

Green Charter

Green Charter addresses the inherent problems in current charter party agreements that make it harder for owners and charterers to reduce emissions and have a more collaborative relationship.

With Green Charter, a digital twin model of the vessel being chartered provides an independent source of truth that is available to both sides in the agreement. Using this vessel model, dynamic clauses can be added to a charter party, supporting collaborative emissions reduction and constant performance management.

Fleet Essentials

Using a digital twin model of every vessel in your fleet, Fleet Essential gives you the insights and analysis needed to improve vessel performance and reduce emissions. 

Drill down into data on any of your vessels, from CII grade and main engine performance to hull condition and fuel consumption. And regular reports and alerts let you know in advance any issues that need to be addressed. 

Voyage Optimizer

Voyage Optimizer uses a ship’s digital twin model to create a voyage plan based on the vessel’s specific performance characteristics. Voyages can be optimized to for profit, emissions reductions or a number of other factors.

And during the voyage, the route can be optimized to account for changing conditions, ensuring the voyage remains optimised for the original goal.

Boil-Off Gas

The complexity of LNGC systems and cargo aging makes predicting the effects of consumption and reliquefaction on cargo condition very difficult to estimate accurately because of the relationships between these systems’ performance, the environment, and the cargo condition.

Our BOG solutions uses a digital twin models to remove the guesswork and maintain voyage requirements while minimizing consumption. Simulate for optimal cargo outcomes, to determine economical fuel mix, to manage terminal requirements as well as discharge terminal changes or to understand cargo development.

Nautilus Labs Foundations

At the core of all of our products are our digital twin models. We take data from a range of sources, including on-board high-frequency sensors and noon reports and use this to create vessel-specific mathematical models, known as digital twins. These digital twins can then be deployed to generate baseline, historical and predictive insights through our wider product family.

This is supported by our integration and data management teams to ensure the process of ingesting and curating your data is as seamless and accurate as possible.


Does Nautilus Labs partner with other maritime software providers?

Nautilus Labs sits at the centre of a diverse software ecosystem. Our solutions can be integrated with a wide range of popular maritime software products, such as voyage management systems from Veson and Dataloy and OrbitMI’s operations management system.

What is a maritime digital twin?

A maritime digital twin is a mathematical model of a real-world vessel. It uses sensor data from the vessel itself to create a digital version of the vessel. The digital twin can then be used to benchmark the vessel’s performance and analyse how it should be performing in a number of different scenarios. Using this data, vessel owners, operators and charterers can see when the vessel is not performing as expected and take corrective actions, such as maintenance or hull cleaning.

What types of vessels can be added to Nautilus Labs’ platform?

Nautilus Labs’ solutions can be used for nearly any kind of commercial fleet, including container ships, bulk carriers and tankers (including LNG tankers).

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