Reduce emissions while maximizing commercial outcomes

With new carbon regulations coming up, the ability to predict future outcomes becomes even more important. Leverage the most accurate and collaborative Voyage Optimization solution to increase profits and drive decarbonization.

Voyage Optimization to Reduce Emissions and Cut Costs
Voyage Optimization to Reduce Emissions and Cut Costs

Collaborative Voyage Optimization cuts emissions and costs

Receive dynamic operating recommendations, powered by Nautilus’s proprietary combination of machine learning, naval architecture, and vessel-specific models. Optimizing for commercial goals, Nautilus incorporates financial data in addition to operational models to reduce emissions and maximize profits.

Monitor Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Ratings

Monitor CII grades continuously to enable timely correction

Be prepared ahead of 2023 and understand your CII grades. Share insights and recommended actions with your operators through collaborative Voyage Optimization to lower carbon intensity – for the best CII possible.

Monitor Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Ratings
EEXI, Nautilus Labs, Compliance, IMO 2023
EEXI, Nautilus Labs, Compliance, IMO 2023

Stay ahead of EEXI compliance

Monitor your vessel’s ShaPoLi (Shaft Power Limitation) compliance profile continuously with Nautilus’s Performance Analytics service. Avoid a bad surprise at the end of the year and be informed at all times – for your competitive advantage.

Nautilus Platform


Maximize the profit of every voyage and the yield on every vessel. Nautilus helps your teams manage by exception, so your most valuable resource can focus their attention where it matters most. Benchmark performance across your entire fleet, so teams can continuously raise the bar. Ensure that every decision has the optimal commercial impact for your business.

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Every MT of fuel saved reduces global C02 output by at least 2.5MT. As an industry, if we reduce fuel consumption of every ship by just 3MT/day on average, we’ll save the world a gigaton of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over a decade. Our clients are saving thousands of MT of CO2 emissions annually. Reduce your GHG footprint today.

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Partnership is at the core of everything we do. Our product development focuses on the greatest impact for our clients. We partner with a range of firms across the hardware and software space to build a platform that is interoperable with any other system. Producing transformative outcomes requires global collaboration—for our clients and our industry.

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In Nautilus we found a solution that can work with any owner and seamlessly integrates all data sets, helping us optimize performance and decisions made during voyages, to ultimately cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Jerome Cousin

Vice President LNG Shipping


We chose to partner with Nautilus Labs after conducting a successful pilot that not only resulted in immediate savings, but gave our in-house operations team an accurate view on vessel performance in real time and at the click of a button.

Gil Ofer

Head of Open Innovation
Eastern Pacific Shipping


TotalEnergies and Nautilus partner to optimize total LNG consumption through dynamic operational recommendations. Nautilus’s machine learning-based voyage optimizations will soon include recommendations for management of cargo temperature and pressure to minimize boil-off gas, allowing us to cut down fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Eric Lepesan

Head of LNG Shipping Operations

TotalEnergies Nautilus Labs


Reducing carbon emissions and ensuring optimal fleet performance is core to our current strategy. We chose Nautilus Platform so that the Carisbrooke and SMT team members can work off the same information, driving collaboration, transparency, and accountability.

Helen Tveitan de Jong

Carisbrooke Shipping

Carisbrooke Nautilus Labs


Nautilus’s interoperability and the ability to integrate with any third party provider or OEM made the deployment […] easy and seamless, allowing our teams to access a single source of truth, fostering cross-departmental collaboration. Deploying Nautilus Platform is an important step for our business in achieving meaningful savings and reduced emissions.

Shusuke Miyazaki

General Manager
Diamond Bulk Carriers

Carisbrooke Nautilus Labs