Supporting Profitable and Low Emission Chartering

Nautilus Labs is a trusted partner for some of the world’s biggest maritime chartering companies. 

Through our advanced voyage optimization solutions and data-led charter party clauses, we’re helping charterers improve profits, cut emissions and reduce claims. 

More Profitable Voyages

With our Voyage Optimizer solution, we deliver AI-powered route optimization recommendations.

Using advanced speed and route optimization models and weather routing, our routes are optimized for a range of factors, including reduced emissions, fuel consumption or ETA adherence. 

All our routes are delivered through our experienced managed services team, working with you and the vessel master to achieve your optimal voyage outcome.    

Better Commercial Relationships

Green Charter is an innovative new approach to rethinking traditional charter party frameworks, using our digital twin vessel models as an independent source of truth between owners and charterers. 

Green Charter’s dynamic clauses are helping charterers reduce claims, cut emissions, improve commercial outcomes and build more collaborative relationships with the counterparty. 

Targeted Emissions Reduction

Our mission at Nautilus Labs is to help the commercial maritime sector to profitably decarbonize. We’re helping deliver this through our range of technology solutions for owners, operators and charterers, combined with our innovative approach to charter parties.  

At the heart of this are our digital twin vessel models, which enable us to accurately simulate vessel performance. This helps charterers understand exactly what they need to do to reduce emissions without impacting their commercial outcomes. 


Helping Charterers Reduce Emissions and Improve Profitability

Get in touch with us to learn how our solutions are helping charterers hit their emissions goals and increase the profitability of their voyages.