May 28, 2020

Client Success–Combining Human and Machine Intelligence

Our philosophy has always been centered on true partnership and world-class client service. Great technology is awesome, but without a great client experience, it may not be effective. Nautilus is more than a platform. Our Client Success team works closely with our customers to train users on how to get the most out of the platform and proactively detect potential savings. Shipping companies have access to huge amounts of data, and our Client Success team is helping turn that information into tangible outcomes and results. All partners have a dedicated Customer Success Manager in New York or Singapore who is focused solely on the impact Nautilus is having on clients’ bottom lines with a massive, positive impact on the environment.

Our services include:

  • Recommendations to operators and masters
  • Outcome-based optimizations for voyages, legs, and onboard equipment
  • Continuous research and development to uncover new savings
  • Reporting support for consumption, emissions, and charter party agreements

And we help answer questions like:

  • How often should we be polishing our propellers?
  • How can we maximize the profitability of our vessels?
  • How can we improve our EEOI or MRV scores?
  • Which Chief Engineer is best managing our engines?
  • Can we improve our vessel descriptions without incurring additional claims?
  • What is the best “eco” speed for our vessels?

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