December 16, 2019

Multi-Fixture Capture With Real-Time TCE Optimization

It’s no secret that TCE calculations are more complex than just three topline inputs—voyage revenue, voyage expenses, and voyage duration—imply. Underneath those values are a whole host of dynamic elements that affect profitability, ETA, and the ability to capture the next fixture.

With Nautilus Platform, teams across shipping companies can make better decisions that positively impact TCE rates from real-time, contextualized recommendations. Seamlessly sort through the noise of weather, fuel pricing, and sea conditions to streamline performance for every leg and voyage.

  • Real-time TCE optimization with:
  • Charter Party speed restriction adherence
  • Forward-looking marketplace opportunities, to capture a series of fixtures
  • Inclusion of freight value/weight along with commission and tax rates, time value, and other expenses
  • Custom leg inputs for total distance, ECA distance, draft, port consumption, arrival port, port dates, operational constraints, and cost of fuel—for narrower, more accurate views

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