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Improve Fleet & Team Performance

Put operational excellence at the forefront of your business and build trust around a single source of truth to transform the way your teams collaborate. Implement KPIs and track real-time performance relative to baseline, regardless of the make, model, or systems on your vessels. Notify key stakeholders of operational issues and report on fleet performance at a macro and granular level. Ensure you’re continuously improving–always.

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Maximize Vessel Yield

Improve the ongoing returns from vessels by reducing DVOE, minimizing fuel waste, and ensuring you are capitalizing on the full market potential of your fleet. Manage by exception, transition to condition-based maintenance, and measure the ROI of efficiency upgrades. Capture the maximum value for your asset in the market with confidence. Every fleet generates an operating return, make sure you’re getting the most out of it every step you take.

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Optimize Voyage Outcomes

Plan and execute on voyages based on changing commercial, environmental, and physical factors so that every action leads to the right outcome. Monitor commercial performance in real-time, to mitigate risk and proactively manage your counter-parties. Hit ETAs, maximize profit, and capitalize on market opportunities by equipping your crew with the optimal speed or route recommendations to meet your business objectives.

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Ship Sensor Mapping in Nautilus Labs Data Platform
Ship Sensor Mapping in Nautilus Labs Data Platform

Our platform interoperates with any hardware or software

Nautilus Platform is adaptable to any data source you have, whether it’s a home-grown system, an OEM’s hardware, or another software tool. Combined with data we provide—weather/oceanographic, charts, market rates, etc.—to synthesize and contextualize information for users. Capture the maximum value from all your data with a platform you can trust.

Voyage History and Boil-off Monitoring
LNG Expertise

We understand LNG vessel operations

We are an independent software provider for all LNG fleets. Our robust and interoperable data platform sits at the heart of our software synthesizing all available sources of vessel and voyage data. Our software solution combines artificial intelligence with reported data and commercial context unique to the LNG market to uncover opportunities to maximize vessel yield while reducing emissions and navigating regulatory compliance.

Our benefits include:

  • Optimization of generator configuration to reduce fuel and maintenance costs
  • Operational recommendations to optimize voyage profits
  • Automated CTMS reporting and boil off accounting
  • Precise and real-time accounting of fuel consumption and cargo tank levels to ensure adherence to commercial warranties and to mitigate claims
  • Accurate accounting and measurement of GCU consumption
Voyage History and Boil-off Monitoring
Data Platform for Ocean Shipping
Voyage Insights for Ocean Commerce

We ensure high-value outcomes for our clients

No matter the quality of the technology, achieving outcomes always comes down to one thing—people. We are committed to helping clients act on insights that increase profitability, and to supporting your business as it transforms. We’re partners in your success.

Our services include:

  • Deployment management to ensure every ship in your fleet has the data you need
  • Recommendations to shoreside teams and crews to capitalize on platform insights
  • Executive business reviews to hold *us* accountable for the value we deliver
  • Custom reporting support for consumption, emissions, and charter party agreements
  • Continuous product development feedback to ensure your voice is heard

Collaboration is vital for innovation

Partnership is at the core of everything we do. With our clients, we work side-by-side to ensure they realize value from our solution. For their stakeholders, we ensure they build relationships based on transparency and accountability. With other solution providers, we seek to generate mutual value for each other—and our clients. And across the globe, we believe collaboration among industry partners is the fastest, best way to promote innovation in ocean commerce that will benefit the world for generations to come. For more information on how you can join our ecosystem of valued partners, reach out to us.