July 1, 2020

Voyage Optimization: The Value of Dynamic Recalculations in Achieving Higher Vessel Yield

A White Paper On Automation, Data Fusion, And Machine Learning To Support Daily Decision Makers

With ever-evolving market conditions, optimizing voyages to maximize vessel yield is imperative. Many companies are trying to improve their business by using conventional route optimization tools. However, those techniques are not sophisticated and unable to recalculate voyage outcomes in real-time, taking into account all available data.

At Nautilus, we’ve seen that focusing solely on environmental conditions and fuel prices doesn’t fully maximize voyage profit potential. Our Voyage Optimization tool is based on current and future market rates, environmental impacts, as well as machine learning-based performance models in order to output recommendations that enhance voyage outcomes.

Our White Paper surfaces how voyages are currently being optimized and how shipping companies are missing key profit opportunities. We will highlight all inputs that have to be part of a Voyage Optimization tool to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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