October 20, 2021

Partnerships Empower the Industry To Turn Data Into Actionable Insights

Partner Spotlight: Danelec Marine

Big data is rarely clean and shipping data is no exception to that rule. Whether it be sensor outages, differing standards, or differing ship designs, it’s very rare to see a dataset that is comparable across different vessels and fleets. Nautilus Labs has tackled this issue head on. With our approach to combining disparate data sources and our use of machine learning, we are able to normalize across weather conditions and drafts for a single ship. What might go unnoticed is how Nautilus Labs, with the support of our data collection partners, can normalize the data sets themselves across different ships.

Nautilus Platform is an interoperable solution that does not require any specific types of sensors to run. This means that rather than requiring a specific output, we require only certain types of signals. Nautilus might ask for Draft values or Speed Over Ground, but which sensor manufacturer or type of output is oftentimes up to what is previously installed on the ship and what can be derived from existing data flows in order to keep the upfront costs low for the shipowner.

At Nautilus, we strongly believe in the power of partnerships. This is where one of our partners, Danelec Marine, comes in. Danelec has many years of experience designing and installing onboard equipment. With their DanelecConnect system, they offer a seamless integration with Nautilus. Through them we are able to ingest a multitude of different signal streams from sources such as the VDR and ECDIS, fuel flowmeters, shaft power meters, and Engine Control Systems (Alarm Management Systems) and collect them in a standardized format. This data is then available to Nautilus through a modern and secure API which allows us to quickly map a large variety of different sensors to our cost-saving technology. With such a system in place, Danelec allows for large scale rollouts across many different vessels with limited manual input from engineers at Nautilus. By creating dependable and consistent flows for similar data, despite variance in their sources, the value of Nautilus Platform can be multiplied at scale.

As shipping enters the world of data-driven decision making and as the cost of satellite data continues to fall, scalable data delivery is becoming not only a possibility, but a necessity. Increasingly reliable connections and high frequency sensors allow for near real-time decision making. For large fleets, solutions that translate across vessels allow technical teams and operators to consistently make the right decisions without a need to get into the weeds of a specific vessel’s equipment. Additionally, as datasets get larger and more ships with similar data profiles come online in a fleet, issues with sensor reliability and consistency will be less critical and gaps can be filled with machine learning technology. Such a solution is empowered by scalable ship-to-shore systems that are built for the future of the industry, like Danelec’s DanelecConnect.

To learn more about our interoperability and our partners, please contact our Partnerships team.

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