October 23, 2019

Maintenance Event—Historical Comparison

Fuel efficiency has never been more top-of-mind for maritime shipping. And with IMO 2020 months away, owner/operators are looking to stay competitive through accurate monitoring on the health and maintenance of each vessel.

But by relying solely on noon data, shoreside teams won’t be able to quickly and precisely find the source of performance degradation, like a fouled hull or dirty propeller. Nautilus Platform’s machine intelligence gives you the ability to see your vessel’s calm water performance, identify an actionable maintenance event without the effects of weather, and track degradation and improvements over time.

  • Report, share, and decide on when to dry dock, replace a part, or schedule a cleaning.
  • Set a performance baseline to compare–before and after any maintenance event
  • Match system logic with charter-party agreements
  • Enable real-time alerts to identify the true source of performance issues

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