September 21, 2020

Accelerating Innovation: Techstars AMA With Matt Heider

Matt Heider, CEO at Nautilus Labs, joined the Techstars “Ask Me Anything” session hosted by Dhritiman Hui, Managing Director at Techstars, to discuss the collaboration between startups and their corporate clients. Hui was joined by Matt, Abhushek Suthan, CEO and Co-Founder of Pulse Labs, and YJ Min, CEO and Founder of, to discuss the path to success and how to build trust between companies. 

As part of the discussion, Matt shed light on how a corporate-startup engagement can be successful and fruitful for both parties. “The biggest thing that we’ve seen to help drive process innovation forward and drive new solutions into usage at our clients is really that alignment around outcomes, defining success and making sure that we’re tracking towards that [definition] over the course of time.” — Matt Heider, CEO Nautilus Labs.

The group of participating CEOs and startup founders represented some of the most cutting-edge technologies implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve sustainability across many different industries.

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