October 22, 2020

A Celebration With Purpose!

October 11th marked our four year anniversary as a company and earlier this month Nautilus Labs came together (virtually!) to celebrate this milestone as a team. We toasted, bonded over our superhero names and even ended the evening with a little magic! We also welcomed our extended Nautilus family—significant others, friends and family members of our Nautilus crew who have played an incredible role in supporting and celebrating us from Day One.

Surprise boxes for all employees, filled with thoughtful (and inclusive!) snacks and drinks.

As a fully distributed workforce, we are on the hunt for unique and creative ways to infuse the Nautilus spirit into our virtual team events. COVID-19 has introduced new challenges to our day-to-day but none that we have, thus far, been unable to overcome. We take great pride in being able to say this, as 2020 has presented so many unique challenges to small businesses in the U.S. and around the world. 

That said, we decided to pay it forward and promote other small businesses, focusing on the Inclusive and Empathetic values we hold dear. We did this by curating care packages full of hand-selected goodies from Black and Female owned brands. Each of our crew members opened and enjoyed these treats before, during and after our anniversary event! We drank She Can and Dram with our Eco-Tribe reusable straw and snacked on Pipcorn—just to name a few!

A diverse and anti-racist future at Nautilus Labs.

We chose to spotlight Black and Female owned businesses for our gift boxes, an opportunity identified by our Anti-Racism Committee (ARC). The ARC is a company-wide initiative open to all employees that seeks to provide support, resources, and encouragement for direct and empathetic conversations with the goal of challenging our inherent biases, as a young and growing technology company. The ARC is leading the way in evaluating our internal systems and culture, driving towards a truly inclusive space for every crew member. We are also partnered with Jopwell to broaden the talent pool from which we recruit and will work with Diverse City on a number of projects, but most specifically on company-wide and manager training.

At Nautilus, we are passionate about building and sustaining an actively anti-racist culture internally but it doesn’t stop there. Our mission is a dedication to a future where maritime shipping is a leader in environmental sustainability and we are committed to contributing to the environmental change that needs to happen. If left unchanged, impoverished and underrepresented communities will be hit the hardest. Our goal is not simply to build a strong culture or optimize our clients’ businesses, our goal is to change the world—for everyone

Do you want to change the world?

We’ve come a long way from just figuring out how to unlock vessel data in a meaningful and scalable way. By providing a platform that drives accountability and transparency, we are seeing shipping companies down the path towards operational excellence, all the while moving closer to our vision of a carbon free future.

We’re currently hiring in engineering, data science, sales and client success. Join the crew!

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