Reduced Fuel Consumption, Maintenance Spending, and Emissions through Generator Optimization

By Nautilus Labs

Nautilus Labs, Reduced Fuel Emissions, Reduced fuel consumption

15% reduced engine hours.
200MT monthly CO2 savings.
$337,000 saved in fuel spending.
$335,000 saved in maintenance spending.

In 2020, a major LNG operator approached Nautilus Labs with the goal of reducing fuel consumption, maintenance spending, and emissions. Through vessel-specific insights and Nautilus’s Generator Optimization, the LNG client was able to increase total plant fuel efficiency and reduce engine hours fleet-wide.

Nautilus’s Generator Optimization

With insight into real-time power demand and generator operations, Nautilus enables clients to optimize any shipboard generator plant across segments.* Generator optimization increases total plant fuel efficiency and reduces engine hours by determining the most efficient configuration of online generators required for a given power demand. By operating in the recommended configuration, clients are realizing significant increases of overall plant fuel efficiency. The efficiency boost reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while increasing the allowable duration between engine overhauls for reduced maintenance spend.

LNG fleet performance optimization

Nautilus Labs is the leading LNG fleet performance optimization provider. Built in collaboration with leading LNG fleet owners, our dynamic platform uses real-time data to reduce fuel consumption, maintenance spending, and emissions, resulting in increased profitability and sustainability.

*Nautilus’s Generator Optimization can be applied across segments. Savings can vary depending on vessel type.


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