A carbon-free shipping future

The world’s oceans are where life began, where life is sustained, and where most life will continue to live–as long as we work to continuously improve the way we grow across the world. 90% of all commerce happens via seaways. Because of that, even marginal trends and improvements can have a massive environmental impact.

We are global innovators

With hubs in New York, Singapore, and Paris, the firm is trusted by clients across the globe to help make better, real-time decisions that ultimately unlock transformative outcomes—at sea and on shore. By partnering with Nautilus, ocean shipping leaders can maximize returns for every vessel and voyage while driving cross-team collaboration, greater transparency, and stronger accountability for their companies, shareholders, and the planet we all share.

We are wayfinders

We help our partners optimize their course to the future they want to achieve—economically efficient, environmentally conscious, and competitively advantaged. And we make the journey with them, adapting and evolving to the ever-changing conditions we face along the way.

Nyasha Abbott, Nautilus Labs, Integrations Specialist, London, UK

Nyasha Abbott

Integrations Specialist

Victor Ansart Integrations Specialist at Nautilus Labs

Victor Ansart

Sr. Integrations Specialist

Megan Arend, Director of Product, Nautilus Labs

Megan Arend

Director, Product

Elizabeth Chavez, Nautilus Labs, People Operations, Human Resources, Recruiting

Elizabeth Chavez

People Operations Manager

Jae Choe Software Engineer Nautilus Labs

Jae Choe

Sr. Software Engineer

Claudia Cooperstein, Nautilus Labs, Data analyst, Voyage Optimization

Claudia Cooperstein

Data Analyst

joseph costable, finance, nautilus labs

Joseph Costable

Sr. Finance Manager

Valerie Diaz, People and Places Coordinator, Nautilus Labs, Human Resources, People Operations

Valerie Diaz

People & Places Coordinator

Leslie Dang, Managing Director, Singapore, Nautilus Labs

Leslie Dang

Managing Director, Singapore

Melissa End Software Engineer Nautilus Labs

Melissa End

Engineering Manager

Lauren Foy, deployment, integrations associate, nautilus labs

Lauren Foy

Integrations Associate

Konrad Gessler, Chief of Staff, Nautilus Labs

Konrad Gessler

Chief of Staff

Matt Hansen, VP Engineering, Nautilus Labs

Matt Hansen

VP, Engineering

Matt Heider CEO Nautilus Labs

Matt Heider


Russell Horn, Client Associate, Nautilus Labs

Russell Horn

Sr. Client Associate

Andrew Hu Software Engineer Nautilus Labs

Andrew Hu

Sr. Software Engineer

Peter Insley, Data Scientist, Nautilus Labs

Peter Insley

Sr. Data Scientist

Beeni Jacob, Director Deployments, Deployment Manager, Nautilus Labs

Beeni Jacob

Sr. Director, Implementation

Leigh Jaffe Chief of Staff Head of Partnerships Nautilus Labs

Leigh Jaffe

Strategic Finance Director

Ricky, Integrations, Deployment, Client Success, Singapore, Nautilus Labs

Ricky Vian Kartolo

Software Engineer

Nautilus Labs, Software Engineer, Srinivas Kollipoti

Srinivas Kollipoti

Software Engineer

Hein Htet Kyaw, Nautilus Labs, Integrations Specialist

Hein Htet Kyaw

Integrations Specialist

Lizzy Loftus, Nautilus Labs, Sales, Senior Client Associate

Lizzy Loftus

Sr. Client Associate

Taylor March, Director, Sales, Client Executive, Nautilus Labs

Taylor March

Director, Sales

Julia Mason, VP Client Success, Nautilus Labs, Paris, France

Julia Mason

Chief Success Officer

Emily McGurrin Data Analyst Insights Nautilus Labs

Emily McGurrin

Product Manager

Ross Millard, Senior Director Insights and strategy, Nautilus Labs

Ross Millard

Sr. Director, Strategy & Insights

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Antti Moelsae

Software Engineer

Anwar Moosa, Senior Software Engineer Nautilus Labs

Anwar Moosa

Sr. Software Engineer

brad murray, engineering, devops, nautilus labs

Brad Murray

Engineering Manager, DevOps

Alanna John Senior Product Designer Nautilus Labs

Alanna O’Leary

Sr. Product Designer

Conor O'Sullivan Naval Architect Marine Engineer Data Analyst Insights Nautilus Labs

Conor O’Sullivan

Sr. Naval Architect & Marine Engineer

Lindsey O'Sullivan Director People Operations Nautilus Labs

Lindsey O’Sullivan

VP, People

Mike Pasternak, Integrations Specialist, Nautilus Labs

Mike Pasternak

Software Engineer

Alex, Nautilus Labs, APAC, Singapore, Alexandre Pequignot, Sales, Client Executive, Nautilus Labs

Alexandre Péquignot

Sr. Client Executive

chuksy onyibe, nautilus labs, software engineer

Chuksy Onyibe

Software Engineer

Chris Ready, Director Managed Services, Voyage Optimization, Nautilus Labs

Chris Ready

Director, Managed Services

Ezekiel Reyna Software Engineer Nautilus Labs

Ezekiel Reyna

Sr. Software Engineer

Vanessa Roettger Marketing Nautilus Labs

Vanessa Roettger

Strategic Marketing

rachel rogerson, designer, nautilus labs, marketing, senior graphic designer, design

Rachel Rogerson

Sr. Graphic Designer

Shahid Samad, nautilus labs, integrations specialist, deployment

Shahid Samad

Integrations Specialist

Henry Sanchez, Nautilus Labs, Software Engineer

Henry Sanchez

Software Engineer

Fabien Schemama, Nautilus Labs, Paris, France, Client Success Manager

Fabien Scemama

Client Success Manager

zach schubert, software engineer, nautilus labs

Zach Schubert

Sr. Software Engineer

Tyler Smith, Senior Product Manager, Nautilus Labs

Tyler Smith

Sr. Product Manager

Zachary Tessler Data Scientist Nautilus Labs

Zachary Tessler

Data Science Manager

bill stuckart, nautilus labs, deployment, integrations associate

Bill Stuckart

Integrations Associate

colton walls, partnerships, partner strategist, nautilus labs, business development, nautilus labs

Colton Walls

Business Development Manager

Jan Wilhelmsson, CCO, Chief Commercial Officer, Nautilus Labs, London, UK

Jan Wilhelmsson

Chief Commercial Officer

nick wydra, nautilus labs, software engineer

Nick Wydra

Software Engineer