Eastern Pacific Shipping Leverages Nautilus to Reduce its Carbon Footprint and Optimize Voyage Profit Uplifts

By Nautilus Labs

4% TCE Uplift.
$43,000 Net Fuel Costs Saved.
30.5 MT Fuel Saved.
95 MT CO2 Saved.


“The solution allows us to understand our vessels’ performance profiles in real time and take the necessary actions to make sure all of our vessels are running efficiently — not just from a profitability standpoint but also from an emissions and fuel waste standpoint.”
Claus Nehmzow, Chief Innovation Officer, Eastern Pacific Shipping

In only 46 days, Nautilus Voyage Optimization reduced Eastern Pacific Shipping’s carbon footprint by 95 MT of CO2—equivalent to taking off 21 cars off the road for an entire year.
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